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Commissioner says Albany means business over saggy pants

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  The Albany city commissioner who initiated Albany's saggy pants ordinance says the first citation proves the city means business.

He says it's a message to all other saggers to pull up their pants or face a fine. Commission Tommy Postell calls it disrespectful and hopes Albany Police will continue to fine violators. It was just a month ago that city commissioners passed the indecency ordinance outlawing saggy pants.

Most people we talked with said they're glad police are enforcing the law and they hope it sends a message to violators to pull their pants up.

Twenty-one year old Jerrod Lewis was walking along Louis Avenue when he got the city's first ticket for wearing saggy pants. Albany Police claim Lewis' underwear was fully exposed and he had to hold onto his pants to keep them off the ground. Some are glad he's been cited.

"It's a good thing because it's ridiculous how the young men walk around with their behinds showing," said Geneva Bond.

"I think its disrespectful to a lot of people and to a lot of older people," said Matt Williams.

Commissioner Tommie Postell who proposed the indecency ordinance says it shows the city isn't messing around.

"This is something that's for real, it's not just something we're playing with," said Postell.

He's also not surprised that the community has been behind the effort, buying belts for students at Turner Elementary. He wants them to learn early that its disrespectful and unprofessional.

"It will give the youth the point that they need to be respectful of everyone, not just I can have my own way and do my thing and whatever I want to do without considering what other people think," said Postell.

Not everyone feels that way.

"I feel like it's really not good because everyone's got obligations to express themselves," said Antonio Majors.

"I don't think they need to write tickets for it," said Natasha Carter.

Albany Police say while they won't be riding the streets looking for violators, when they see the violation they won't hesitate to write the citation.

Lewis faces a $25.00 fine for sagging, since he's a first time violator, a second offense brings a $200.00 fine.

Albany's not the only Georgia city with an indecency ordinance. Cordele, Bainbridge, and Dublin have also passed similar acts.

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