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APD welcomes new enforcement vehicles

By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  You'll soon see Albany Parking attendants riding around in a brand new vehicle. It will help attendants be more efficient and environmentally friendly... And it should save the city money.

Police took notice of these electric vehicles at the Marine Corps Logistics base, and after comparing costs with the old vehicle parking attendants used, they determined in the long run it would be more cost efficient to go green.

Samuel Carter likes the windows, "It's closed in and keeping you out of the weather," he said.

For Mary Price it's the lights, "It help people to see you... you are more visible."

It's hard to find something not to like about this new environmentally friendly vehicle. You can let the windows down if it gets too warm, and you can push them up if it rains.

Soon, you'll see the two parking attendants riding the streets of downtown Albany monitoring parking in it- a big change from what they were using.

"The other one wasn't closed in, so if it rained the rain would blow right through there...and if you try and drive it you didn't have a windshield wiper."

For almost 12 years, parking attendants rode around in a Kawasaki mule, which ended breaking down before its lifetime ended so they have been having to make do on foot.

Which was lot of territory for two people to cover, "Having to walk it they are just now as effective as they would be if they had a small vehicle to use."

Attendants say the Mule did the job, but this vehicle is more modernized and has couple extra features.

The vehicle was purchased for $13,700. "We had budgeted to replace the other vehicle it was at the end of its life cycle doing the cost analysis this came out to be a better deal," said APD Chief Deputy Mark Scott.

They estimate it will save them $6,000 worth of gas over the life of the vehicle. "It's completely battery powered no petroleum fuels at all it plugs into a standard household outlet charges overnight... and you are able to get 8 hours of use out of it per charge."

APD estimates this vehicle will be of additional savings because it does not require any oil changes or maintenance. 

As soon as they are done with training the parking attendants, that vehicle will hit the roads of downtown Albany. The vehicle runs at top speeds of 25 miles per hour. They also plan to add stripes on the sides as well as a logo.

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