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Sixty radiators stolen from small Moultrie business

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MOULTRIE,  GA (WALB) – A Moultrie man who's been in business for 40-years says thieves robbed him of his livelihood when they broke into his radiator shop. They stole more than $10,000 in radiators.

The shop was first hit last Thursday when thieves broke the door and stole only a heater. 67-year-old Ronnie Holland thought it was over, but Tuesday night he says thieves returned this time taking almost all his inventory.

You can usually find Ronnie Holland under the hood of a car at his quaint Moultrie shop, fixing things.

"I don't do a lot of other stuff. I fix radiators and that's it," he said.

He also sells and installs old copper brass radiators, many of which are not made anymore.

"Those shelves were full of radiators," he said pointing to empty shelves.

But Tuesday night nearly 60 radiators were stolen from him.

"They came up here, they broke in and they opened the back door and helped themselves," said Holland.

Ronnie didn't have insurance coverage on the radiators so the loss comes right out of his pocket.

"It's hard to comprehend. It's very depressing," he said.

He believes the thieves took the radiators for the copper inside, worth about $1.89 a pound.

"It's been a nightmare," said Holland.

Now it's hard for him to work, concerned with what the future holds for his small business he loves. "I guess you could say I'm angry enough, I feel like shooting. And that's a fact," he said.

Ronnie says he plans to clear anything valuable out of his shop so he isn't a victim again. But it won't take away the pain he's feeling now. As long as Ronnie's hands can work though, he says he'll keep Ronnie's Radiator Service open for business, like it has been for the past 40 years.

About 13 burnt up radiators showed up at a local recycling site Friday but Ronnie Holland says there was no way to tell for sure if they were his because they were so distorted and destroyed. Police say they don't have any leads.

A couple years ago Ronnie Holland and a friend were held up at gunpoint outside his radiator shop. But they fought back and the robbers didn't get away with anything.

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