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Dog saves Fitzgerald woman's life

By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

FITZGERALD, GA (WALB) –A Fitzgerald woman says she's alive tonight because of her dog. She was asleep when her home caught fire.

Without smoke detectors in the home, Firefighters say she easily could have died from smoke inhalation but her devoted dog saved her.

Jonathon Walker says this Christmas will stand out from the rest."This Christmas will be the most important one ever because we are still alive and we still have somewhat of a house standing," he said.

His family wont be putting up a Christmas tree or wrapping any presents. Right now, they don't even have a place to live. But this Christmas, he and his mom are thankful for what's most important in life, their family and a very special dog named Gracie. "I thank God for her everyday, if it hadn't been for her I wouldn't be here today," said Theresa Nettles.

Sunday the family was cooking and preparing to decorate the Christmas tree, when they ran to the store for some more lights.

Theresa, was asleep in the back bedroom, with her two dogs Gracie and D.O.G by her side. "I heard her barking, and I was deep asleep, then I hear popping noises and glass breaking," she said.

When she got up and opened her bedroom door she realized the house was on fire. "All I could see was an orange haze at the end of the hallway," she said.

She ran to get the phone and call 911, but as she went to exit the smoky house, she realized Gracie was no longer behind her. "I went back in the house calling her name calling her name, and finally she heard by voice and came to, when she came out she was choking," she said.

They had no insurance, to pay for the damage inside the home most of which was smoke damage they think was caused by a grease fire. "When I look at her she is no longer a dog, she is a part of our family she is a hero and without her I wouldn't have my mother," said Walker.

Tomorrow night they don't know where they will stay or how they will get there. But wherever they go they will have each other which is all that really matters.

They say they are thankful firefighters and the Red Cross helped them as much as they did, one of the firefighters even put them up for two nights at a nearby hotel and so did the Red Cross.

They are hoping they will be able to move into the upstairs portion of the house by Christmas.

The family is still looking for a Calico cat named Bootsie. They haven't seen her since the fire.

If you would like to help the family contact Jonathon Walker 229-450-3610

The family has an account at Colony Bank in Fitzgerald under the name Theresa Nettles.

173 Ocilla Highway, Fitzgerald - (229) 426-6073

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