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Valdosta Police has singing detective

By Jade Bulecza - bio | email

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) –The Valdosta Police Department has a unique way to encourage people to report crime and help stop violence, a singing detective.

Her first song was a rap.

The latest is R&B and the department plans to produce songs in different genres to reach out to as many people as possible.

"My life is more important than getting hit in the face with your fist."

That's Valdosta Police Detective Sabrina Smith's new track called "Enough." It's about a woman in a abusive relationship with a man and how it's affected her children.

"I myself have never been a victim of domestic violence but just knowing what goes on and what happens it makes it a little easier to write about," said Det. Sabrina Smith with Valdosta Police.

Writing songs come easily to her and by singing she hopes to show domestic violence victims there is a way out. The song also features officer Vernotis Williams.

"Every 15 seconds a woman's beaten in the United States," said Williams.

A few months ago she released a rap song called break the silence.

The songs are all part of Valdosta police department's "anti-don't be a snitch campaign."

So far, it's worked. Valdosta Police say the campaign has helped them solve many crimes especially burglaries.

"We're getting phones calls for people seeing burglaries and as a result we're making more arrests," said Valdosta Police Cmdr. Eugene Bell.

They want you to call, call, and call if you see anything suspicious or a crime in action. They say it gives them the chance to stop criminals in their tracks.

Detective Smith plans to produce a third song soon about child abuse.

As always, Valdosta Police want you to call them if you see any criminal activity.

Click here for the two Valdosta Police songs.

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