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APD chooses from high caliber applicants

Chief John Proctor Chief John Proctor

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  An aggressive recruiting campaign for the Albany Police Department appears to be paying off. Since January the department has hired 43 new officers. They're looking for officers who aren't just looking for a paycheck, but who want to serve the community.

One of the first things Chief John Proctor did after becoming chief was to put together a recruiting brochure promoting the department's commitment to excellence. That's what he says he's getting, excellent officers to pick from to make Albany's Police Department stronger.

Preventing crime is a high priority for Albany Police, which is what makes what three officers in a corner office at the law enforcement center are doing to recruit new officers for the Albany Police Department so important.

"We needed to redefine what it was we were trying to do, how we could both get folks to come in on the front end, get them prepared to be officers and leaders in this organization, and as well keep them with the organization," said APD Chief John Proctor.

This year they've been through as many as 700 applications to fill as many as 60 jobs.  "I pushed them hard, I call them into the office and I say what are our numbers and I say I want these things."

Making it clear he doesn't want officers just looking for a paycheck. "That is not good for the city, that is not good for this organization, and that is not good for the employee. It has to be people who want to work, that want to do this job and they want to make a commitment to this city," said Proctor.

The recruiting team has helped streamline the process to less than 3 months, without sacrificing quality and putting recruits through the paces to ensure they'll be an officer with integrity.

"Testing, cognitive testing, the agility test, the polygraph, an extensive background check," said APD Lt. Catherine Gerven.

All in an effort to change what had become a tarnished image of police. "I think there's a new perspective and understanding of being professional when you interact and engage with the community. I think there's new energy to get out and do crime fighting," Proctor said.

Giving citizens peace of mind that the Albany Police Department is making every effort to put more officers on the street to continue to reduce crime.

Four new officers are expected to start with the Albany Police Department next week so the numbers are continuously changing.

Chief Proctor told us he's held off on any promotions while trying to get new officers in place, but he's planning to look at promoting officers in the next several weeks.

 This year's new recruits make up as much as a quarter of the Albany Police Departments more than 200 person force.

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