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BREAKING NEWS: Teen killed in South Jackson St. shooting

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) – A teenage girl was killed Tuesday night, shot inside her south Albany home by her brother who was playing with a gun.  This is a terribly sad story.

We just got the latest details from investigators.  Four teenagers were inside this home at 2501 South Jackson Street around 7o'clock Tuesday night.

A 15-year old boy who has a mental disability got his father's rifle and shot his sister, 13-year old Lejuawlard Lunsford, in the neck.

Dougherty County's child death investigation team is handling the case.

They say the father put a trigger lock on the rifle, but tragically it wasn't installed properly.

Neighbors tell us the family hasn't lived there very long, but they often saw the kids playing together.

"It was two cousins and two siblings, ages 15 to 13 years old.  Parents were at work.  One was arriving back home, another was gone. The child was not pronounced deceased at the time, but later on was pronounced deceased at the hospital," said Inv. Greg Blackmon, Dougherty County District Attorney's Office.

Neighbor Marilyn Jones said, "They're a pretty nice family.  I see the kids out in the yard playing and everything.  They seem to be nice kids.  Seem to be getting along with everybody in the neighborhood, keeping to their self pretty much."

Investigators likely will classify the shooting as an accident, but it could be early next week before they decide for sure whether to file any charges.

They say they hope this tragedy makes us all think about gun safety.  They encourage you to make sure your guns are locked up where kids can't get to them.

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