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Neighbors help cops catch young crooks

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –   We've got a pretty amazing story of neighbors coming together at a moment's notice to catch burglars breaking into someone's home. Eight neighbors surrounded their friend's home Sunday, with the burglars inside. Those burglars were just kids, but they were determined and dangerous. That didn't keep the neighbors from helping the cops catch those young crooks.

Albany Police charged three young boys, only 12 years old, with two burglaries on Acker Drive in northwest Albany. Sunday afternoon, one neighbor saw two of the boys going behind his friend's home, and he mobilized the street to help.

David Edwards says he loves his neighbors on Acker Drive. "You just got to feel safe at night when you got neighbors that not only look after you, but mind you didn't just look, they acted."

Sunday about noon Randall Hood saw two boys knock on Edwards door, and then go around the side of the house. He starting calling neighbors, and in minutes eight people were surrounding the house, including Harold Frantz, whose home had been burglarized in October.

"When I walked around to his door, and saw how it was kicked in, I said these are the same folks that was in my house," Frantz said

The boys ran from the house, carrying guns stolen from inside, but met one armed neighbor.

"He had this deer rifle. He said if you move I'm going to shoot you," Frantz said.

The boys fled empty handed, but Hood was not going to let them get away. "I hopped back in my car, and tore off down the alley," he said.

Hood helped Police catch one of the boys, and soon they had three under arrest. And Frantz was right, they are also charged with breaking into his home.

"Him being 12 it just shocked me. And then what shocked me even more that this wasn't their first time, even at age 12. I was just appalled," Edwards said.

These neighbors say they are concerned about crime in Albany, but they feel safer because they know their friends are watching out for each other, and ready to act quickly when called.

 "But I don't think they'll be coming back to our neighborhood," Hood said.

And these men hope people on other Albany streets will do the same for their neighbors, and run criminals out of town.

Edwards and Frantz went to juvenile court to watch the three boys stand before the Judge, and found out they live only blocks away. Edwards says he is going to keep up with the boys, and hopes they have learned a lesson that will turn their lives around.

Albany Police are still investigating the burglaries in the area, to see if the boys were involved in other break ins.

The Acker Drive neighbors say it's vital that you know your neighbors, and their cell phone numbers, to fight crime on your street.


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