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Counterfeit money shows up in Thomas Co.


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THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) –  The bills range from ones to 50's and they're showing up in stories across the city. Two people have been arrested for attempting to use the fake bills but police don't know who's making them.

If you live in Thomasville, you might want to take a closer at your cash the next time you receive change at a store. Police say counterfeit bills are showing up all across town.

 "Check it before you take it," said Christy Goodson.

 "I'd heard that they were going around," said Quik Stop Employee Amy Cole.

 "I'm just kind of shocked that people would do that," said Goodson.

Police arrested two men in two separate cases this week for trying to pass counterfeit bills. But they're still unsure of how many people or cases may be involved.

"It to me is crazy. I know the economy is hard but everybody seems to have money for lottery tickets and things like that. So why not save that money for bills or whatever you need?" asked Cole.

The counterfeit bills range from $1 to $50 bills. Many stores use a special pen or train their employees to spot fakes.

"We received a $5 bill about a month ago. It was real thin. Like balled up paper that you keep balling up to make real soft," said Cole.

But sometimes a phony bill goes unnoticed. "If you give a counterfeit bill and they go make change with it, that person risks getting caught, because they can't prove they didn't make it. So it's like a chain of events that happens."

 "I would be devastated because I didn't make the counterfeit bills. Especially at Christmas time because if I got change with a counterfeit bill and tried to go shopping, I'd be a little upset if someone couldn't take it," said Goodson.

"Just don't do it. I know the economy's bad but there's ways around it. I'm honest and I hate when other people aren't honest," said Cole.

And if honesty isn't enough to stop crooks from using fake bills, anyone caught trying to pass fake money faces jail time.

Police encourage you to check your cash anytime you receive change. If a bill looks suspicious, make a note of where you received it and contact authorities immediately.

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