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Ga. Southern considers smoking ban

Statesboro -

A cigarette between classes could soon be a thing of the past at Georgia Southern University.

Students could soon decide to ban smoking on the campus.

Smoking once went with college the same way study sessions go with final exams.

Even with fewer people smoking these days, Georgia Southern could soon restrict it completely on campus.

The idea gets mixed reviews from gsu students.

Kale Herndon. a GSU Senior, says "It would be nice so you don't have to walk behind people who're smoking and walk through their smoke. People can have health conditions and it can pose problems for them. "

Iesha Little, a sophomore, is skeptical.@

"Personally, I feel like it will be really hard to make it a smoke free campus, because its a big campus and so many people are of age. "

Student government association president Alton Standifer says the discussion started over the summer to consider health factors as well as personal freedoms.

 He says his group will first send out a survey to nearly 20,000 students.

The SGA would then vote whether to impose the ban.

If passed the ban would go before GSU president  Dr. Brooks Keel for his approval.

"This is definitely one of those decisions i don't want to make by myself. It's definitely something to get to the student body," says Standifer.

Counselors would also be available to help those who want to quit.

Standifer says the purpose is not to force anyone to quit, just in places they share the space with others.

The survey could go to students as early as the christmas break.

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