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New Sherwood Films "Courageous" completes editing

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –Sherwood Baptist Church has finished the rough editing of their latest movie.  "Courageous" will hit the big screen next year.

It's the fourth movie from the movie-making church and their biggest production by far.

That means it comes with some big expectations.

Sherwood Baptist Church's "Facing the Giants" has been shown in 57 countries.

"Fireproof" in 75 countries.

And the Albany Church's movie producers say they hear almost daily from anxious fans and supporters across the world as they prepare "Courageous."

Stephen and Alex Kendrick spent the last five months editing "Courageous."

Stephen Kendrick said "Editing is a bear. What you are doing is almost like putting together a full size house out of toothpicks."

Thousands of people were involved in the filming of "Courageous" , Sherwood's first film using multiple cameras throughout. That means a dozen times more film to work with in editing.

 Kendrick said "Alex is trying to find an angle or a line, he is watching 15 different takes of that same line from different angles, as opposed to 2 different angles from one camera."

While filming is the most exciting part of making a movie, the editing is the most crucial part of the story telling, and the most time consuming.

Kendrick said "We have just finished the fourth edit of the movie. We have gone through 3 different edits and made polishing and changes. We've cut out 30 minutes of the movie so we've got 2 hours of gold now."

The message in "Courageous" is about the importance of Christian fatherhood, told through the story of four law enforcement officers in Albany.

Kendrick said "It was much more difficult, but we're more pleased with the finished product. The acting, the cinematography is at another level. We're thrilled about it."

The film makers say the success of "Courageous" won't be measured by the number of tickets or DVD's they sell, but about the impact this movie will have on families across the world.

Even though their final edit is done, now the film next goes on to New York for weeks of color correction and final touches. Meanwhile in Nashville the sound effects and the film score will be added. The Church's music minister, Mark Willard, is now writing the score, and will record it with a live orchestra in January.

The movie should be released in theaters next September.

The Kendrick brothers say they'll start working on their fifth movie about a year after that.

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