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More people speak out on saggy pants

By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –More people are coming forward and voicing their feelings on a proposed public indecency ordinance that would outlaw saggy pants in Albany.

It's becoming an issue that divides the community. Some see saggy pants as the problem, others see it as a symptom of a larger problem, and just about everyone has an opinion about it.

There are several other elements to this proposal in addition to saggy pants, but it seems that's what the public has been most concerned about, and as you're about to see they aren't afraid to express their feelings,

Willie James Jackson plans to fight the saggy pants ordinance tooth and nail. "I'm dead against this law and I am going to fight it till hell freeze over," he said.

He may not agree with the saggy style, but his son does. "I get on my son all the time about the baggy pants but when he get out there with all his friends he gonna drop them," said Jackson.

"My dad says I wear them too low but I don't feel comfortable with my pants up to my bellybutton," said Jamie Jackson.

He believes this ordinance would take away his rights as a parent. "That is robbing the good parents of their rights to raise their child like they supposed to," said Jackson.

Today commissioners listened to a handful of concerned citizens. Jason Spears, a local pastor, says he thinks the ordinance could divide the community."I think this could potentially target a section of our society and I think it could potentially target racially and send us back several years," said Spears.

And Bishop Frederick Williams says he doesn't think this law is what we need to get our kids back on track. He suggested other ideas to commissioners, which he said would send a stronger message to the community "If you don't dress appropriately then you aren't going to be able to have service here," he said.

But commissioner Tommie Postell says his feelings remain the same, "Saggy pants are creating some problems, it originated in jails and prisons and moved into our environment," he said.

He says it all boils down to the parents, "You need to have verbal control of your children you don't have to be there to body guard them wherever," he said.

"We know what our children wont do in front of us but when they get out there with the rest of them they are going to drop their pants like the rest of them do. I feel like that is against the law to charge me," said Jackson.

Postell says he will continue to fight the saggy pants, because he says disrespectful, and its only getting worse.

Commissioners are scheduled to vote at the end of the month.

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