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Get your black Friday savings now

By Ryan Houston - bio | email

ALBANY,  GA (WALB) –Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year. Retail stores are projected to make big profits that day.

But, in order to beat the crowds businesses are offering those same savings right now. Some people are now calling it 'Black Friday Month'.

That's because retail stores across the nation are cutting prices 50 to 70% off . The advantages of month long savings are beating the crowd, and avoiding long lines.

Retailers are not waiting until the day after thanksgiving to drop prices. "There are tremendous amount of savings we're pushing right now. So people won't have to wait to shop until that day," said Home Depot Store Manager Rian Morris.  

"It's good. Because you don't have to wait for that one day to do all your shopping," said Mom Tina Willingham. 

When you're a parent on a fixed budget, prices like these help."I'm a waitress so I have to buy a little bit at a time. And these earlier sales makes my life a lot easier," said Willingham.  

"I can get more for my money. I especially want to go ahead, and get the stuff they've expressed interest in," said Mom Whitney Brannen. 

Most kids already have their wish list ready for santa. "They like action figures. My baby, he likes little army men," said Willingham. 

"The game systems, the DSI's and electronic stuff like that," said Brannen.  

Even in this sluggish economy, Christmas sales are predicted to be higher than last year. "We want the economy to be doing better. But, one of the reasons for pushing the sale is we want people to still beautify their homes and save at the same time," said Morris. 

At Home Depot appliances are now marked down about $800 dollars. Prices at Kmart are cut 50 to 60% off. "Take advantage of the sales now instead of waiting until then. Because of course on that day it's going to be very crowded and it's a good way to avoid the crowd," said Kmart Cashier Yolanda Smith. 

These two moms are beating the crowd and enjoying the savings. "A lot of people in my profession, we have to work Black Friday, so we won't get to come out.  We have to do it around our schedules," said Brannen. 

"Most of the stuff is on sale now, I can go ahead and stock up," said Willingham. The early shopper is a smart shopper.

Both Kmart and Home Depot will have new sales leading up to Black Friday. Kmart is also the only retail store in Albany offering law-away plans to customers. 

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