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Albany woman moving after bullet fired through front door

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) –An Albany family is searching for a new home after a burglar fired a shot through their front door.

They say they have reported drug and gang activity in their Maryland Drive neighborhood for a year. But they say it's only getting worse.

Yalander Baltimore says the shot went through her front door only inches from her head, and narrowly missed her two daughters standing in the hall. That was the last straw.  Crime is forcing her to move her family as soon as possible.

The bullet went through their front door, into the living room wall, and exited into a bedroom, and then into another wall.

Yalander Baltimore said through tears"If I had been a little bit taller, that bullet would have hit me in the head."

Yalander Baltimore, husband Dwayne Terry, and her 10 and 9 year old daughters say they have been reporting drug and gang activity around their Maryland Drive area.   But Tuesday night they narrowly avoided becoming a victim. They heard burglars breaking into the apartment next door in their duplex. Baltimore was calling 9-1-1 when she saw a man carrying a TV come out of the apartment and run across her yard.

Baltimore said "As soon as he got in front of our driveway, he turned with his right hand, the gun and fired it."

No one was hurt, but the family is searching for a safe home. Meanwhile Dwayne Terry says they are terrified that the burglars will come back.

Terry said "Sleeping on the couch with a butcher knife. Just waiting, trying to make sure that no one is coming in this house and does anything to my family."

Terry says despite their calls to Police for help, they say the crime in the area continues.

"No sir. That bullet in the house, apparently it didn't help. It didn't help at all, "said Terry.

So they are getting out. A family with a constant reminder how close a call they survived.

Terry says as soon as he can find an apartment in a safer neighborhood, they are moving. He hopes that will be soon, because the family has been too afraid to sleep the last two nights.

Albany Police say their investigation in this shooting continues, but they have made no arrests so far.

If you have any information, call CRIMESTOPPERS at 436-TIPS.

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