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This bread feeds the soul

By Ryan Houston - bio | email

ALBANY,  GA (WALB) –Graceway is non-profit faith-based substance abuse treatment facility for women. They use twelve-steps along with Christian principals to lead ladies to better lives.

The Bread House is an extension of services they offer. It's  a whole wheat granary that sells things like banana bread, chocolate chip cookies, and blueberry walnut fiber bars.

The employees are women enrolled in Graceway fighting drug addiction.

At the Bread House their ingredients are quite Heavenly. "I do a lot of the baking and milling. But, we all pretty much help each other out," said Shannon Burke. 

Burke helps herself. She is a recovering addict and works at the Bread House. "I was too proud to ask for help. But, God did for me what I could not do for myself. I crossed a lot of lines I thought I would never cross," she said. 

Despair and low self esteem rolled up in one, is what she felt on a daily basis. "It's amazing too have hope. That's something I haven't experienced in awhile and Grace way and Bread house has given me that," said Burke. 

The Bread House gives a lot more. It offers a safe work environment for women in the Grace way program. "It's a safe place for me to come work, without a lot of outside influences. It builds my self esteem back," said Burke. 

"Everything that someone buys from the Bread House will help someone in recovery." One of the many things they offer at the Bread House is wheat grass juice. It boost metabolism and the immune system.

"It's a lot of work letting the dough rise, making quick breads like banana and pumpkin. We try to squeeze the cookies in," said Burke. Mixing a tight schedule with Godly principals has given Grace-way an 86% percent success rate.

"I'm becoming a good person and getting closer to god. I'm relying on him to pull me out and give me strength to make it day by day," said Burke.

Who knew bread could be so life changing? "It's changed my life. And it saved my life," said Burke. 

The bread house, is fighting hunger and helping women overcome drug addiction.  For a full list of what they offer and special holiday gift items go to their website at

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