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Meth lab numbers increase in GA

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  Meth labs are a growing danger in Georgia, up 75 percent in the last year. 

Rolling labs, inside vehicles, are especially dangerous, the equivalent of the vehicle next to containing a bomb. Drug Agents say making this dangerous drug has gotten easier with the development of the Shake and Bake Method, you can do it all in one plastic bottle and learning how to do it is as close as the Internet.

A few clicks on the Internet and you can learn a lot about making Meth.

"The Internet's a good thing, and it helps us, but it hurts us," said Investigator Victor Camp, ADDU agent.

Drug agents say the uptick in Meth Labs from 165 in Georgia last year to more than 289 this year may be the result of new production methods that only need one bottle, instead of the traditional labs to make the product. It doesn't require a heat source, making it more portable and harder to detect.

"You can sit there and make it by yourself and never get caught," said Camp.

In south Georgia, drug agents have recently busted labs in Colquitt, Decatur, Grady, Thomas, and Lowndes Counties.

"In the rural area it's harder to get caught because you can be out in a field somewhere and nobody knows your out there and you can dump all your stuff right there," said Camp.

Agents say the state's effort to restrict the sale of certain ingredients including Pseudoephedrine, marketed in cold medicine, have only lead manufactures to look for a way around the state's law. An East Albany couple forged driver's licenses to buy stockpiles of the drugs to make Meth earlier this year in the shed behind their Duitman Road home.

"If we have any suspicions we can go talk to the pharmacist and maybe with a court order get their log sheet and find out who's getting what," said Camp.

It's a dangerous drug, with explosive consequence which is why drug agents say they're staying on top of new trends to keep neighborhoods safe.

Drug agents say they're need the community's help, if you notice a chemical odor in your neighborhood they ask that you call police and let them check it out.

Nationwide the number of Clandestine labs is up 61 percent.

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