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Second District race neck-and-neck

By David Miller

Albany, GA - (WALB) - As midnight passed and after the Associated Press had declared and end to 18-year veteran Sanford Bishop's tenure, slow returns from Albany and Columbus keep the outcome in doubt.

With challenger Mike Keown showing a substantial lead, only to have Bishop post a surge, who will end up with the win might not be Keown until the next day... or later.

Interviewed on WALB at the Albany Civic center, Bishop refused to accept AP's decree of defeat, and told Jennifer Emert that there were too many outstanding votes in Muscogee and Dougherty County, and he wasn't giving up.

New votes that came his way soon proved him right.

Both Keown and Bishop camps believe they will prevail.

Click HERE to keep up with the vote tally on the Secretary of State's website.

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