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Voters feel bombarded

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Dena Summerell Dena Summerell
Keisha Maines Keisha Maines

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  Many voters are glad election day has arrived, and that the political advertisements will be ending. Whether it's been candidates at their door, on the phone, or at every break in their television program voters feel they've been bombarded with political information.

In the last 24 hours, voters received dozens of phone calls from Sarah Palin to President Barack Obama reminding them to go to the polls.

"I'm tired of hearing it, I'm tired of listening to it on TV, I'm tired of everything I'm just ready to get it over with," said Keisha Maines.

Voters are worn down. After months of hearing from the candidates, they're finally getting their say at the polls.

"I feel like I'm being overwhelmed by them, I was already ready to vote," William Mock said.

"I had my mind made up a long time ago," Thomas Branch said.

Still, voters were hit with campaign commercials and political calls. "My phone rang off the hook," Dena Summerell said.

"Anywhere from about five or six a day," Mock said.

"The wife answered a half dozen or so and I did likewise," Branch said.

One voter described the number of ads as ferocious. In some cases all the information and repeat calls may have had a negative effect.

"Thinking about the people who were calling me, if they kept calling and kept calling, I began to wonder if I wanted to vote for them," Mock said.

There's one in every crowd, while a majority of voters told us they're glad both the negative and positive campaign ads will be ending, Jesse Breedlove is sad to see them go.  "I think its all a part of the political process, each candidates trying to get their word out, get their agenda pushed."

He confessed, he loves political science, but despite the apparent campaign fatigue, many say they'll be back.

What if there's a runoff? Dena "Whew, all we can do is pray!" Dena said.

"If it goes into a run off I'll be back here," William Mock said.

If there is a run-off after tonight's results, it will be held November 30th.


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