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Candidates make last minute push

Several state office democratic candidates flew into Albany to greet supporters, and give last interviews before the final voting.

Fly-byes is the right name for it. The Democrat nominees for Governor, Lt. Governor, Labor Secretary, and Attorney General flew in to the Albany airport for about an hour of campaigning, and then flew on to the next town.  

Governor Roy Barnes called his fly around the "Make Georgia Work Tour." He and his wife flew into Albany, saying these tours are a tradition he believes in. "It's good to get out and see everybody right before the election. Kind of creates a little extra buzz and excitement," Barnes said.

"Well I need you, I want you, and I got to have you," Barnes said.

Barnes stopped in eight cities including Albany. Barnes final wrap up message today, he has business success and experience, and his Republican opponent Nathan Deal has business and ethical woes.

"Do you want him coming to run your own business?" The crowd shouts "No. No Deal for Nathan Deal," Barnes said.

Also flying in to the Albany airport on her own 8 city statewide tour, Lt. Governor Candidate Carol Porter, a newspaper owner from Dublin. She was accompanied by her four sons, who she proudly proclaims are all eagle scouts. A direct opposite of the ethics at the gold dome.

"I'm going around Georgia telling them about the corruption in their government. Because if we can cut the corruption in this government, we can get some jobs back and educate our children," Porter said.

Albany native Ken Hodges flew the plane himself to his hometown. The former Dougherty District Attorney is also flying the 700 air miles tour of the Peach State, campaigning for Attorney General.

"I feel really good about tomorrow. Especially if Southwest Georgia turns out. And we need someone in Atlanta who if from Southwest Georgia, who will make sure their voice is heard in Atlanta," Hodges said.

Then it was back into the jets and planes, and on to the next stop. All parked their planes at Eagle's of America at the Albany airport, who got them refills of aviation fuel and food, and back in the air.

"But I'm glad it's over with, really to tell you the truth. Till the next time," Eagles of America General Manager Scott Bridges said.

And that next time all the candidates fly back, will be the day before the next statewide election.

The candidates came in about 11, and were gone by 1:00. The aviation company catered lunch for all the candidates from local restaurants, they requested bar-b-que, Italian, and ham sandwiches. They also got their fuel topped off, so their stops helped the local economy.

Barnes was Georgia's Governor from 1998 through 2002. This is the first time Porter and Hodges have run for statewide office.

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