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Election officials prepare for a busy Tuesday

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  Thirteen percent of Georgia voters cast ballots early, but state officials say that's not an indication of how many will turn up at the polls Tuesday. More than 81 people voted early in Dougherty County.  That's 23rd most among Georgia's 159 counties and just behind Lowndes County.

It's anyone guess how many voters will head to the polls election day. Election officials say big races should bring voters in, but turnout can be hard to predict.

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 "I'm really kind of puzzled what tomorrow will bring," said Veronica Johnson, Lee County Elections Supervisor.

"There are people that are still calling and there are some that have come in the office today forgetting there's no voting in Georgia the Monday before an election so the interest is still there," said Ginger Nickerson, Albany-Dougherty Elections Supervisor

If you're going to cast a ballot, don't forget your ID. "They need to make sure that have any one of the six valid forms of ID that are state required ID," said Nickerson.

You can vote provisionally as along as you provide the information within three days. In Lee County, 15% of voters early voted, in Dougherty it was 16%, both better than the state's average.

"We had hoped for more people to take advantage of early voting, it's just so easy and so convenient," said Johnson.

While some say the political advertisements drive voters to the polls, it also frustrates others.

"After they've gone through the process saying they wish there was a way they could opt out of the phone calls and the TV ads after they had early voted," said Johnson.

With five constitutional amendments election officials say voting may go slower. "Be patient if there's a line tomorrow be patient," said Johnson.

The busiest times are expected first thing in the morning and just before the polls close at 7:00.

Election officials say there's nothing wrong with printing out a sample ballot tonight, like this one, marking who you want to vote for and bringing it to the polls tomorrow and copying the information onto your ballot, in fact election officials recommend it especially for the ballot questions.

 Polls will be open tomorrow from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Remember you need to bring one of the six accepted forms of ID.

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