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PInk replaces orange for Halloween

By Jade Bulecza - bio | email

LENOX, GA (WALB) –The orange colors of Halloween are being replaced by pink, the symbolic color of breast cancer awareness.

A Cook County family came up with a unique way to combine breast cancer awareness month with their halloween fun.

This year, their pumpkins are pink.

This is the pink pumpkin display at a Lenox home on South Robinson Street.

Tania Ray and her sister wondered why people don't put pink on their halloween decorations.

"We we're talking about having a pink pumpkin display thing in our yard and my kids got involved and we came up with this," said Ray.

Her sister Cindy Strayer who lives in Alabama decorated her yard too.

"It's a project we worked together on even though we're not together," said Ray.

Ray's daughter Katie says she helped with the scarecrow.

"We like got some of mom's old scrubs because she used to be a nurse at the hospital we got some of her scrubs and stuffed pine straw in it," said Katie Ray.

They gathered stuff from home. Pink noodles they used to play with in their grandma's pool to bend into ribbons, paper mache and balloons to make the small pumpkins.  Pink paint that their seven year old brother jacob used for the scarecrow's pumpkin head.

"I helped make some of the smaller pumpkins and designed the poster," said Kelsie Ray.

Their decorations have been on display for two weeks now and they're hoping that visitors and people driving by will be reminded about the fighters and survivors of breast cancer.

So far, it's worked.

"They honk their horn they wave," said Ray. "We've had somebody holler out good job, it looks real nice."

She and her husband are proud of their kids for getting involved in such a serious disease that's affected their relatives and also affects millions each year.

The Rays plan to make their pink pumpkins a family tradition. They invite anyone to drive by their home on Robinson Street in Lenox.

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