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Are you going to the fair?

By Ryan Houston - bio | email

ALBANY,  GA (WALB) –The Exchange Club Fair of Southwest Georgia is in town. Some of the proceeds from the fair will be donated to local charities.

From the carousel, camels, and cotton candy this event has something for the whole family. It took organizers about two days to get everything set up and operational for the first night.

The county fair can bring back good memories for some folks. "I had the first date with my wife out here. We get on rides together and have been doing it for the last 46 years," said Fair Manager Skip Nichols.  

But for the last 6 years, He has been working as the fair manager for the Exchange club fair for southwest Georgia. " The most enjoyable part of it is being able to give back to the different projects in the area. Without the money that we give, a lot of the organizations wouldn't be able to operate," said Nichols. 

When you get past the food, animals and games. It's really about giving back. "It also gives us the opportunity to give $50,000 -60,000 back to the community. Our main project that we support is child abuse prevention," he said.

Clowning around ,getting a tour and the petting zoo is what kids have to look forward to. "We have some entertainment out here for them at the same time. We have Buffalo Barfield and Smellvan the clown," said Nichols.  

"You can see the gleam in the eye in those elderly people remembering the good times they've had," he said.  

This is not the same fair from last year. "The rides are switched out, and the games are switched out as well," Come and join the excitement for yourself.

The hours for the fair are as follows Tuesday through Friday 5pm-12pm. Saturday and Sunday the opening hours are the only times that's different. Saturday it will open at 12pm and Sunday at 1pm.

You can purchase discount coupons on wrist bands that gives unlimited ride access at McDonald's.

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