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Car pins Americus Sumter County High cafeteria worker


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ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  An Americus Sumter County High School Cafeteria worker is hospitalized after being pinned between a car and the back wall of the school.

Americus police believe the driver panicked when she backed into a construction trailer then put the car in drive and stepped on the gas. She was going more than 35 miles per hour when she hit a fellow worker coming out the back door. The impact pushed him through the wall.

Employees at the south campus were still in shock several hours after the crash. Police say it's a simple case of human error.

Workers patched up the hole left in the back wall of Americus Sumter County High School's south campus this morning. Glen Pickle of Pickle Construction was on the phone with a worker when the crash happened.

"I heard the horns blowing and then the phone hung up and then I called him back and that's when he told me he was running out of the way," said Glen Pickle, Pickle Construction.

Running from this Honda Accord which suddenly barreled at workers and cafeteria employees.

"She came out to move her car and there was a trailer backed up here and she didn't see the trailer and when she backed up she hit the trailer," said Gloria Thorn, Americus Sumter County Nutrition Director.

Causing cafeteria manager Felicia Thomas to panic. The car then sped forward and hit the wall and fellow employee Derrick Williams.

"Derrick was standing right in front of the building," said Thorn.

Police say the crash pushed him through the wall, setting off alarms.

"The fire alarm went off and we immediately responded to the fire alarm," said Walter Knighton, Americus Sumter County High School Principal.

Students were evacuated for a short time, but none of them saw the crash happen. The driver was upset.

"She's shook up but she's okay," said Thorn.

Her injured co-worker seemed to take it in stride.

"He's in good spirits he said he would like to come back to work today," said Knighton.

Instead he had to settle for a trip to the operating room to repair his leg.

While the south campus' building has been secured, both the Americus Police and Sumter County Sheriff's office plan extra patrols around the school to make sure the building stays secure.

Since the crash happened on private property Americus Police say the driver won't face charges. They say the crash was an accident.

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