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To sag... or not to sag

By Ryan Houston - bio | email

ALBANY,  GA (WALB) –"Pull up your pants!" That's the message Commissioner Tommie Postell and other city leaders are trying to send with a new public indecency ordinance.

Among other issues, tickets can be issued to men and women wearing pants or skirts three inches below the thigh. Those against sagging are concerned about e-coli and other bacteria coming out of places they shouldn't.

Some students feel like this new ordinance is a double standard for men. Sagging pants may soon be against the law.

"I don't personally do it, but I don't think it should be an ordinance against it. I think that's going against your freedom of expression," said Darton college student Derrick Brown.

He expresses himself through his clothes. "Some days I like to be professional, other days I like to wear cardigans and T-shirts. Some days I like to wear basketball shorts,"said Brown.

Although he doesn't sag, the freedom of choice is important to him."Personally that's just the way I wear my clothes. That's my persona and it's the way I choose to dress. If some people do, they should be allowed to," said Brown.  

The public indecency ordinance will give police the authority to ticket any man or woman wearing pants three inches below the thigh. "If they don't buy it, how can they tell you what to wear?," said Darton college student Lacy Jones.

"I think it will be kind of hard for police to enforce it. I think it will be racial profiling also, because you'll have to look at people's backside and figure out how low is it?"

Is it a double standard to give men tickets while some women wear revealing clothes? "It is a double standard for men and women. Women wear short shorts and show cleavage and there's no law against that. So why a law against men wearing sagging pants," said Brown.  

Lacy Jones feels like her outfit today makes her look great. "Because I buy it, and that's what I wanted to wear. And this is what I felt like wearing today," said Jones.

What you choose to wear can be offending to some people. "So you just have to respect what people's decision and what their wishes are, that's what part of being an American is," said Brown.  

To sag or not to sag that is the question? The Mayor plans to proceed with caution on this issue to make sure the city is well within it's legal rights.

On November 2nd at 8:30am, the city will hear from residents on what you think. For more information on the ordinance visit

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