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Animal sanctuary opens soon in Brooks County

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QUITMAN, GA (WALB) –An animal trainer opens a sanctuary in Brooks County after his battle with cancer prevented him from doing the job he loves.

You'll learn about rare tigers, wolves, bears, and cougars at the Tiger Stripes Inc. animal sanctuary in Brooks County.

The owners want to educate people on the animals that could one day be extinct.

Bengal tigers, a timber wolf, cougars, and black bears are all at the Tiger Stripes Exotic Animal Sanctuary off McKinnon Road in Quitman.

"When kids get older there may not be tigers in the wild so it's all about education," said owner Kim Kilpatrick.

Her husband Chris was diagnosed with breast cancer 2009 and couldn't perform with his animals anymore so he and his wife made a permanent home for them.

"We've started from the bottom with a tiger and a dog and now we've come to this," said Kilpatrick.

They say many of their animals are near extinction like the British Colombian wolf.

"They actually only exist in captivity and they're pretty hard to find," said Alex Hughes whose on the Tiger Stripes Board of Directors.

Others have been abused like the Black Bear named Honey. A previous owner tried to declaw her.

They're short term goal is to finish up a bigger cage so the bears can climb and play. They've relied on donations from the community to get the sanctuary up and running.

"When we finish that we hope to start taking in more animals that need homes or that want to retire or anything like that," said Kilpatrick.

And with donations they'll be able to give animals the care they deserve and also educate people.

Tiger Stripes Inc. opens Saturday. You can find out more by clicking here.

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