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Mattress store may go out of business

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) –   An Albany business manager wants to know who keeps breaking the huge glass windows at the front of his mattress store and why. He worries crime could run him out of business.

Vandals broke the front windows of Mattress World on North Slappey in Albany twice in the last two weeks. The manager admits he is frightened, wondering who is vandalizing his business.

 A board covers the shattered glass in the front window at Mattress World. Another hole is busted through another ten foot wide pane. Store Manager Erik Phillips says it is frightening.

"After coming in here two times in less than two weeks and finding the destruction, very worried," Erik Phillips said.

Overnight on the 11th two windows were shattered in the store front. Costing 400 dollars apiece to replace. Then yesterday Phillips came to work to find two windows broken again. Someone came inside this time, but nothing was stolen.

"They went through the store. They didn't take a thing. I had a little bit of money in the cashbox. There are no items missing, so that's what makes me believe it's just purely vandalism," Phillips said.

Phillips found two of the rocks used to break his windows. They are small, and he says the vandals had to throw them several times to break the windows.

"So someone's standing out here throwing continually at my window. And I can't get it, on Slappey, that no one sees, can spot them or find them."

Phillips said it will cost him $1100 per window to replace them with laminated glass. He can't afford that, and now he worries that if the vandalism continues, he will have to close the store.

"Yeah, you have to stop and think about it. How much can you afford to lose before you just pack it up."

Phillips says he has no idea who continues to break his windows, but he says a small business like his can't afford to keep repairing senseless damage.

Phillips said he found more dings and dents in his windows this morning, making him think someone hit them again overnight. He patrolled the store several times overnight, and now is increasing security, and may just stay overnight to protect his business.

Albany Police are investigating and conducting extra night-time patrols around the store.

If you have any information on the crime, you could earn a reward by calling CRIMESTOPPERS at 229-436-TIPS.


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