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Albany commission tackles 'sagging pants'

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By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  Commissioner Tommie Postell brought up the idea weeks ago because he says he's sick and tired of seeing people exposing themselves on the streets. He's got the support of several commissioners who are tweaking a proposed ordinance.

This ordinance will address much more than just saggy pants, but commissioners said that before they go forward, they want input from the public, and help from the media getting word out about this ordinance.

For some, wearing pants below the hips is considered a fashion statement, "If they're down below your buttocks, or on your buttocks you are saggy," said Commissioner Tommie Postell.

Postell says it's just disrespectful. "Something needs to be done, because it's terrible how our young people are moving through their environment now, and it gets worse and worse everyday."

And this morning he and other Albany commissioners agreed something needs to be done. "Some of these kids who walk around are gang members, they are gangsters, little gangsters and they do it in defiance."

One of the commissioners stated that there is a health issue, because if your buttocks are exposed, there is the possibility of e-coli contamination.  But Mayor Willie Adams says adopting and enforcing an ordinance like this wont be easy.

"We can't trespass on certain rights, so that's why it is important for us to look at this from a legal stand point because we don't want to end up in court spending tax payers money on issues we cant defend. It comes under more indecency than skin showing,"  Adams said. 

"I support it to a certain degree I'm just not as clear as to how wide spread it would be enforced at this point and I think there needs to be some work on that."

But Adams says it's an issue people are concerned about and it's something commissioners need to look into. "It needs to be publicized very thoroughly before we create an ordinance and begin to fine people."

A draft ordinance presented to the commission, addresses much more than "just" saggy pants. In a draft of the ordinance, which you can find online, if a person masturbates, urinates, or wears pants three inches below the hips exposing skin or undergarment, that's defined as public indecency and you may face consequences. 

Next, the mayor says they want to make sure they are on safe and solid legal grounds before they go any further. Then they plan on getting the word out by notifying all the schools and colleges and parents about the ordinance.

The mayor says he expects a vote on the ordinance in the next four to six weeks.


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