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No rain during October

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ALBANY,  GA (WALB) – It's been a dry October. In fact it hasn't rained once this month in our area. We haven't had a month with average rainfall since May.

Because it's so dry you've probably noticed your grass is quickly turning brown if you aren't watering daily. And on top of that the moisture free weather is keeping firefighters busy.

Even the smallest leaf pile burn can quickly get out of control because the conditions are just so dry. That's why the sign outside the Albany Forestry building says "very high" fire hazard.

But it's not only a fire hazard, let's face it it's an eye sore. Yards with yucky brown grass can be seen all over southwest Georgia.

"This is like really really dry." Jerome Johnson has seen his fair share of lawns. He's the owner of Four Seasons Lawn Services and says the concept is simple. If you don't water your lawn regularly, it will end up looking ugly, brown and dead.

"It's one of the driest months I've seen since I've been in the lawn business. We're in great need of water," said Johnson.

Southwest Georgia hasn't seen a drop of rain fall from the sky during the entire month of October. And this week's forecast is also sunny.

"Really not normal for this time of year," said Johnson. And the dry conditions make his job harder. He says leaves and pine straw are on the ground almost a month earlier than normal.

It also keeps forest rangers busy and small brush and forest fires are more common than last year when rain was prevalent.

"The activity is picking up. In Lee county we've had 13 so far 8 of those being during last month," said Tom Lambert, Chief Ranger.

To help firefighters they're reminding everyone of the law. Call and pick up a permit before burning outdoors. To help with the eye sore a brown yard brings, water is the only answer.

"They key this time is year is to run sprinkling systems 15-20 minutes per zone. If you don't have a system maybe just pull a hose around the yard," said Johnson.

Keeping your grass pretty and green a little longer, before the winter months and cold weather roll in.

Southwest Georgia is actually in a Moderate Drought right now so we desperately need that rain. In the meantime just be extra vigilant about watering your lawn. Also, if you plan to do any kind of burning get a permit by calling 1-877-OK-2-BURN. 

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