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Lee Co. conducts school shakedown

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

LEESBURG, GA (WALB) –  Police showed up unannounced to make sure there were no drugs and alcohol on campus at Lee County High and the 9th grade academy. And while K-9's found alcohol and tobacco, officers are encouraged that they didn't discover the drugs they've found in the past.

The search began shortly after students started their school day. The K-9 officers hit on several cars in the student parking lot. Those cars were then searched.  "At the high school we found some alcohol and tobacco in one truck and then the dogs hit on a couple of cars, but we didn't find anything in them," said Leesburg Police Chief Charles Moore.

Then it was off to the Ninth Grade Academy where school resource officers have found drugs before, but not this time. "Everything at the 9th grade academy was clean," said Leesburg Police  Sgt. Jason Anthony.

School officials say ninth graders are at impressionable age. The dangers of drugs and alcohol are topics discussed in health classes.

"We've got too many students that want to do the right thing and the few that don't we hope they understand it doesn't need to go on in our schools or our school system," said Dr. Jamie Horne, 9th Grade Academy Principal.

 Which is why police chose to make searches like this routine, sending a message to the students that drugs and alcohol on school property won't be tolerated and have consequences.

"The temptation is there for the children and what's good is we didn't find anything so maybe the parents are getting across to them or the peers are letting them know, hey you don't have to do this," said Moore.

With Homecoming tonight in Lee County, school officials feared they'd find more. "It's not picking against the kids, we just want them to be safe and watch what they do," said Moore.

Leesburg Police say the students caught with alcohol and tobacco products will face a school tribunal and could face criminal charges for underage possession.


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