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First mobile home comes down inside Mimosa Mobile Home Park

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  Albany's fight with run down, uninhabitable mobile homes in the Mimosa Trailer Park finally came to blows Thursday as the first mobile home was knocked down.

It's been three months in the making, but its got city officials pushing harder than ever before to clean up the mobile home park. The city had to use special equipment to rip apart the condemned mobile home after taking the property owner to court to get permission. They've got several other cases pending and a list of more than 30 homes that have got to go.

As chunks of the first dilapidated mobile home in the Mimosa Mobile Home Park were torn apart, Commissioner Jon Howard said it best.

"This is the start of a new day," said Jon Howard, Albany City Commissioner.

A new day that's been three months coming. The city has been working feverishly get rid of the blighted, vacant mobile homes. After taking Betty Tumblin to court last month she agreed to the demolition.

"You have to pull it apart a little at a time. We're trying to recycle as much of the material as we can," said Phil Roberson, Albany Public Works Director.

The effort is costing Public Works less than $5,000, a bill that will be sent to Tumblin, the owner. Alfonya McCray rents two trailers inside the park and was overjoyed to see work crews.

"It needed cleaning up for our children and environment because its dangerous for our children to be around here," said Alfonya McCray.

He hope it will also clean up an unwanted element that's used the empty mobile homes.

"Drug addicts, prostitution, running around, we got a sewage problem that ain't being corrected and we're glad that somebody's is looking to come out to help us," said McCray.

He and city official hope this demolition is just the first of many to come.

"I was given a list this morning and there are about 30 some that in the next several weeks will be on the list," said Howard.

A list that will bring another half dozen property owner into the courtroom to ultimately face the same fate.

Commissioner Jon Howard doesn't want to see the work stop here at the Mimosa Mobile Home Park. The city has a list of more than 160 dilapidated properties they're working to bring down.

Code Enforcement Director Mike Tilson encourages tenants to speak up about poor conditions. If landlords won't make improvements then code enforcement will get involved. To report problems to code enforcement residents can call 311.

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