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Home burglary leads to lock down at Bainbridge College


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BAINBRIDGE, GA (WALB) –Bainbridge authorities arrested three teens and are continuing their search for a fourth suspect they say burglarized a home and then fled onto Bainbridge College's campus, prompting a full lock down.

We spoke to the burglary victim who had a close encounter with one of the armed burglars.

When Curtis Keaton got home Wednesday night, he caught four busy burglars inside his home.

"10 minutes longer and there's no telling what all they would have gotten," he says.

They went straight for electronics, a Playstation and a digital camera.

"They were unhooking the big screen TV," Keaton explained. "I don't know how they would have gotten out of here with that though."

Keaton stopped short of his usual parking spot when he noticed the thieves. At first, he thought they were after his daughter's bicycle. But then he saw another teenager climbing out of the bathroom window.

"The last one I got. He was coming out of the bathroom window onto the trash can and I hit him on the side," Keaton recalls. "And as he was falling he knocked my glasses off."

Temporarily blinded, Keaton never noticed the gun that fell from the burglar's grip.

"If I had known they had a gun, I would have stayed with the kids and left. Driven somewhere else and called 911."

But the teens took off running through the woods and onto the campus of nearby Bainbridge College.

"It is scary," admits Jeremy Williams, a student at Bainbridge College. "I mean that young? And coming out with stuff? I thought it was kinda crazy."

The school went into lock down while authorities searched for the suspects still feared to be armed. Two of the boys were arrested in the woods and another was found hiding in a dumpster. A fourth teen remains on the run.

"I give all the grace to God because yes, they did have a gun but they didn't use it," says a grateful Keaton. "They could have jumped me even though they dropped the gun because there were still two more of them."

Now Keaton's hoping the fourth suspect is found soon, so his family can sleep peacefully.

Authorities recovered a .22 caliber revolver and some of Keaton's belongings at the scene.

The three juveniles in custody are charged with burglary and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.

If you have any information on this burglary, contact the Bainbridge Public Safety Criminal Investigations Division at 229-248-2044.

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