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Drug suspect steals pregnant woman's car

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Lee County,  GA (WALB) –- A man hiding from police stole a car, then led officers on a three county high speed chase Thursday morning. 35-year-old Leroy Lewis ran when officers in Clay County tried to arrest him on drug charges.

After hiding out all night, he jumped into a woman's car, sped away, and led officers on a chase that ended in Lee County when he crashed.

Leroy Lewis' high speed ride in a stolen car Thursday morning ended with him face first on a deputies' car; crying because the handcuffs were too tight.

"He should cry, he should know what he did to her and my nephew was very wrong," said the Victim's Sister, Pam Nichols.

Pam Nichols isn't happy. She says her sister Belinda Hallman owns this red car. And before it ended up in Lee County, it was parked outside Hallman's Ft. Gaines home.

"My sister was getting her infant child out of the car seat to take him in the house."

That's when she says Lewis came out of no where and stole her ride. "And to make matter's worse, she's pregnant, 6 or 7 months," said Nichols.

That's when the 40 minute chase began. "It's scary it will wake you up fast," said Georgia State Patrol Cpl. Scott McClure.

Troopers say he took off from Clay County, into Randolph County on Highway 27 south. "When you start going into another county you start sweating, adrenaline going," said McClure.

Then he took highway 82 through Terrell county before hitting Highway 32, reaching speeds of 90 miles per hour before crashing into a big plant in Lee county.

"He pulled into this private drive and tried to run on us, but we boxed him in and got him," said the trooper.

"It was hard looking at him when he was crying saying the handcuffs were too tight. I felt nothing for him," said Nichols.

Pam Nichols' anger quickly turned to relief. "I think it's great, that they kept pursuit, great that he's in custody and now we hope they put him away for a long time. 

But Nichols hopes others aspiring carjackers will see what Lewis felt and ask themselves if stealing is worth all this.

Troopers say the chase was dangerous. They say Lewis was weaving in and out of oncoming traffic on narrow city streets to get away from officers.

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