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Pelham police on lookout for fleeing suspect

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

Pelham, GA (WALB) – A minor traffic violation turned into a serious felony case when a Pelham man rammed a police car during a three-mile chase.

That dangerous chase went through the heart of a crowded neighborhood.  Pelham Police called off the chase because it got too dangerous, reaching speeds above 80 miles per hour, and they're are still looking for the suspect.

Pelham Police dash camera video caught officers trying to pull over 24-year-old Ladarrius West on Mize Street Tuesday night. They quickly realized West wasn't going to cooperate.

"The officers tried to get around him so they could box him in to keep him from going any further and he used the vehicle to elude them and get around him," said Pelham Police Inv. Rod Williams. 

West took off through a residential area where we found signs clearly marking the dangers. Neighbors like Alice Griffin heard the sirens and worried someone might get hurt. "Kids and stuff they love to ride their bikes. They love to stand on the side of the road and communicate with other kids."

You can see how close people were standing as the cars raced along the 20 mile per hour Cemetery Street at more than twice the speed limit. That's when West rammed the police cruiser with his vehicle. 

"At one point he struck one of our police cars with his vehicle and was able to get out in front of the police vehicles," said Williams.

The car's camera jostles and debris flies.  Sirens wailing the chase continued onto New Hope Road. West slows just enough to avoid a truck at the stop sign with Old Camilla Road. Police say citizens heeding the sirens, avoided injury.

"Any cooperation we can get from the general public as in this case where they saw the lights and saw the chase coming and pulled over to the side of the road is a great help."

Soon after police called off the chase. They say they'll eventually catch up with West and when they do, he'll face felony aggravated assault charges in addition to the initial misdemeanor of driving with a suspended license.

If you know where Ladarrius West is Pelham Police want you to call them. West is also charged with a long list of traffic violations in addition to aggravated assault on a police officer for ramming the police cruiser.

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