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Domestic violence on the rise

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – Mixed news when it comes to crime in Albany.  The good news is that property crimes like larceny and burglary were down last month.   But there continued to be an increase in domestic violence. 

Police say they don't know the reason for the increase, but they hope they can put an end to it.  October is domestic violence awareness month, a time to draw attention to a crime that impacts millions of people in this country.  Sadly, another reason it's in the spotlight, is because there's been an increase on crimes within the home.

Jovi Brown was a newlywed living on cloud nine.  She said, "He pampered me.  He was the one who cooked almost all of our meals.  He did everything around the house.  He was just kind of Mr. Wonderful."

But her Mr. Wonderful had a dark side.  "Out of the clear blue there was no indication of when he might go off," she said.

Gritting his teeth, screaming at her in the first month of marriage, soon, his anger took another turn.  "As I walked away," she said, "he pushed me.  He took my arm and squeezed me and was like, don't you understand, don't you hear me?"

Jovi didn't call police.  She left her husband, only to return a few days later, as she knows is often the case in domestic violence situations.  Brown said, "He's going to get better and he says he's sorry so I believe him."

While Jovi's husband grew violent, he didn't turn to weapons beyond his fist, but so many people do.

"We've seen a lot of instances of domestic violence and persons using violence in the home," said Albany Police Chief John Proctor.  He says people can find other ways to work through their problems.

"There are ways to work on problems than to pick up a gun or knife and they do work it out that way."  And if working it out doesn't work, sometimes getting out is the only real option. 

It's something Jovi was finally able to do herself.  And she wants others to know, they can do the same.  She said, "They can get out and they can get out alive and legally."

Before the violence escalates and they no longer have a choice.

Domestic cases may not be the only crime on the increase soon.  Chief Proctor says during the fall and winter months, robberies tend to increase.  

The Liberty House, a shelter for victims of domestic abuse, is holding a fundraiser October 7th at Doublegate Country Club.   On October 21st, a vigil will be held in honor and memory of victims of domestic abuse.

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