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Warwick boiling over their water

By Wainwright Jeffers - bio | email

WARWICK, GA (WALB) – Folks in Warwick are boiling over their water. Some say their water bills more than doubled unexpectedly.

They confronted the mayor who says the city had to change its billing system to qualify for money to improve the water system.

The city has been trying to get a new water tower for years, and changed their billing system in hopes of getting a grant for the work.

Some residents think they're being over-charged, and say they got no warning about the change.

The mayor said it was only at their last meeting they found out from the state they had to change things.

"Before it was $15 for 10,000 gallons now it's a $9 fee and will be pro rated for ever 2,000 gallons, said Mayor Alan Peacock, City of Warwick.

"we're on a fixed income, we can't afford an extra $20 for anything." Latonya Thomas, Warwick Resident.

The mayor says his water bill went up from $30 to $38 significantly less than some of the bills he was confronted with.

He took down names and addresses and promises to check into why their bills are so high.

Mayor Peacock encourages people to go to city council meetings so they're aware of what's going on the in the city.

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