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Boys and Girls host day for kids, and their parents

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – The Boys and Girls Clubs of Albany are trying to get kids off the couch, and get parents interacting with their children regularly.They are hosting a Day for kids this weekend.

They want to emphasize how important parental involvement and physical activity are to kids.  Not only for their physical health, but for their overall well-being.  Right now, there are kids all over South Georgia at home on the couch, waiting on mom and dad to get off of work.  Some are watching TV, some are looking for other sorts of activities which could get them in trouble.

The Boys and Girls Clubs want to give them another outlet.  When you're three, everyday may seem like a day in the park, especially when you spend your days playing in the park. 

Fannie Dunbar works at Alma's Baby World.  She brought these three year olds here to burn off a little energy, but a little play time actually goes a long way in developing important skills for the youngsters.

She said, "Besides all the fun, it's good for all the gross motor skills and I think it helps with social skills and taking turns and being able to share."

And sharing is just what the Boys and Girls Clubs of Albany are trying to promote.  Parents sharing time with their kids.

Bob Hutchinson said, "We want to get back and get involved with the family."

That's why this weekend, they are hosting a Day for kids, with adult interaction.  They want parents to talk and play with their kids.  It will strengthen their relationships, and keep them active and out of trouble.

Hutchinson said, "If the parents can see that this is important, maybe they will walk around the block with their kids, get out and throw softballs, footballs, exercise with kids."

Not only will the kids have fun, they'll hang out with the people they want to be with most of all.

Suzanne Davis with the Parks and Recreation Department said, "It's a wonderful way to spend time with your family, but also increases your health and become more physically fit."

And when kids are introduced to being active at this age, the more likely they are to continue in the future. 

In addition to active games and activities this weekend, kids and parents will hear from gang task force members and be introduced to all the programs the Boys and Girls clubs have to offer.

The Day for kids is open to all children and parents this Saturday from 10 AM until 1 at the Jane Willson Unit on Holloway Avenue.  All events are free.

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