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Calathora Farms delivers farm fresh food

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – More of you are making decisions about the type of food you eat based on where and how it's grown.   A movement called farm to table brings fresh produce directly from local farms straight to your dinner table.  

One Moultrie farm family is taking advantage of that movement, picking food from their garden and delivering it all over south Georgia.  Calathora Farms in Moultrie is operated by Michael Morton, his wife and their 12 children.  They work the fields, harvest the crops and now, are delivering the goods straight to the people who are interested in eating organic, fresh food.

Michael Morton unloads a car full of fresh veggies, picked hours earlier from his garden.  He said, "We're just trying to serve the people that want healthy vegetables."

On what is only his second delivery to Albany, Morton already has more than a dozen customers, like Kellie Walsh, who are interested in his fresh from the earth food.  She said, "It's important to me because I have two children and we are trying to live our lives by being healthy, making healthy choices with food, with exercise."

And she can't wait to exercise her culinary skills with the food she just received.  Walsh said, "I'm excited about my bag.  I'm ready to go cook right now."

Kirk Rouse is also a new customer.  "It's really cool," he said.  "Last week I got a delivery of eggplant, small eggplants and I peeled those eggplant and roasted them and man, they tasted like no eggplant I've eaten in years."

Food that's even more savory because he's able to support a local grower.  Rouse said, "Well it's a good idea because it support agriculture in your own community and it supports farmers.  Farmers have historically been a major player in the economy of our country, It supports local farms."

A farm that brings joy to the people who work the soil.  "It's really very fulfilling," said Morton.  "The people who want health food, to be able to provide it for them, so it's real exciting for us."

Getting back to nature's roots to provide the fruits of nature.

Calathora Farms is not certified organic--but they use all organic fertilizers and the only type of pesticides used are Listerine mouth wash and Murphy's oil soap and that's just on tomatoes in the Spring.    

Calathora Farms delivers to Albany, Tifton, and Moultrie right now.   They deliver to Albany and Tifton on Tuesdays and Moultrie twice a week.    

If you'd like to get involved with the delivery of fresh produce, honey, and breads, you can call and put in an order with them.   That number is 890-1889.

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