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Rain helps harvest peanuts and cotton


By Jade Bulecza - bio | email

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) –Many south Georgians are thankful for rain we've gotten the last few days after nearly a month without much rain at all.

Some farmers say their peanuts and cotton needed one last good rain to get them ready to harvest.

The rain we got is good for harvesting peanut crops. Dry soil makes them hard to dig up.

"Farmers have been waiting for a good rain to soften that soil so they can get in and dig," said Lowndes County Extension Agent Jake Price.

He says it's helping cotton too.

"It's good for cotton because it helps finish out the top bowls from top of the plant and that will increase yields from 50 to 100 pounds," said Price.

The rainy weather is what many south Georgians have enjoyed the past couple of days.

"This is a god send here," said Rex Etheridge, the owner of Farmer Brown's Produce Market.

The rain is also beneficial for planting fall crops, like these collards. These workers are preparing the greens for restaurant delivery.

"We needed rain very badly," said Price. "It's been about 25 days without rain and temperatures above 90 degrees most of those days."

Etheridge says a lot of farmers here haven't planted fall crops yet because of the dry spell and he expects it to be a short fall crop.

Rex Etheridge at Farmer Brown's says the rain will also help ensure a high quality crop.

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