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Sherwood's ReFRESH revival attracts hundreds

By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –Hundreds of people gathered together for Sherwood's annual ReFRESH revival Monday. It's a huge, four day event that features days and nights full of sessions and services. It features speakers from around the nation as well.

All the people in this room are different. They come from different backgrounds, races, age groups, and even different social classes. "One thing you saw in this room was all of Albany, not black Albany not white Albany," said Pastor Daniel Simmons, Mt. Zion Baptist Church.

But among all those differences, these people have one major thing in common. "What I saw when I looked out into the audience was a group of people hungry for a change," said Simmons.

Sherwood's ReFRESH conference brings together thousands of people from all over the community, even folks from other states thirsty for spiritual awakening. "I truly believe our city and our country is in need of revival," said Simmons.

Pastor Daniel Simmons of Mount Zion Baptist Church brought an important and powerful message with him to Sherwood, he hopes will change the city for the better. "God didn't come for a white church, or a Hispanic church, he came for a church and hopefully other churches will see it as a model," said Simmons.

An idea that Simmons says wasn't as welcome in the past, and he received criticism about his decision. "Why is a black congregation and a black pastor going over to fellowship with a white congregation and a white pastor," said Simmons.

But Simmons says his calling from God is stronger than a calling from one segment of the community and highlights that change is needed. "When we start worshiping together and praying together then Albany changes. Too much division is in Albany and too many 'Isms' and its hindering the progress of Albany,"said Simmons.

And pastor Simmons says in order to change a whole city, you must first work on changing yourself. "If we decide that Albany has to change and the change starts with us, we can do it," he said.

He hopes other churches look to Sherwood and Mount Zion's relationship as a model.

Sherwood holds the revival twice a year, so if aren't going to make it this week or you want to go again, the next one will be held in Tennessee on March 14 through 17.

The conference will run through Wednesday.

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