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Having a hard time selling your home?

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By Ryan Houston - bio | email

ALBANY,  GA (WALB) –Have you had a hard time selling your home? Why not put it up for auction?

Experts say if you need to sell fast, auctions are the way to go. Williams and Williams is one company that helps homeowners with that. The company in Oklahoma and has been auctioning homes since 1986.

During that time they've sold over 40,000 homes.  After signing these papers, it's auction time. "It'll get your blood going and you're able to find good deals," said Firefighter Bobby Spargo.

The bidders have the power. " You have the opportunity today to buy these properties. So the buyer's today will set the market," said Auctioneer Tony Langdon.

They're were two houses up for auction. "The negotiation is live and it's competitive .So there may be several people bidding and they have to compete for that property," said Langdon. 

It's a competition. This home in Leesburg sold for 90,000. "It's worth actually a lot more than that. It does have damages inside. But if you can afford to fix it, you got a great investment," said Lakisha Francisco.

"This is a real nice place, and we're going to turn it into something nicer," said Spargo. When going to an auction, it's the bidder's responsibility to inspect, research and find out about the property.

"There are some good prices out there. You just have to look and check the properties over real good. In order to make sure you don't put more money in than it's worth," said Spargo.  

Well, apparently this home is worth that, and a lot more.   Now the bids have to be accepted by the seller before the families can move in. There are closing costs involved, just like any other real estate transaction.

For more information on Williams & Williams visit http://www.williamsauction.com/.

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