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FBI stats put GA high in female deaths

Georgia ranks 10th in the nation in men killing women- a statistic that shows the state could do more to prevent domestic violence.

According to new numbers from the FBI, the rate of women killed by men in single victim crimes is 1.26 per 100,000. Officials say the alarming numbers demonstrate how domestic violence can escalate into homicide.

They say more community resources need to be made available to protect women and prevent tragedies.

"I think we need to become invested in teaching people that there is a way to have a relationship that is healthy and what that looks like, and that we need to make sure that there is accountability and that coercions and invoking fears and making threats and we need to put some laws around," said Liberty House Executive Director Silke Deely.

Most domestic violence charges are just misdemeanors. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The Liberty House, Battered Women's Shelter has several activities... including their 4th annual Butterfly release planned for October.

They say help is always available by making a simple phone call to the Liberty House.

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