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Meth, Cash, and more seized in Sumter, Dooly bust

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  In a huge Meth bust, drug agents take down a high-level supplier who was funneling thousand of dollars worth of crystal Meth into South Georgia.

Investigators in Sumter and Dooly Counties seized more than $11,000 in crystal Meth. They also confiscated cash, guns, and marijuana. Friday three people were in jail. Investigators believe the Crystal Meth or ICE was being made in Atlanta and then driven to Dooly County. From there it was distributed to 8 southwest Georgia counties and their investigation is far from over.

Four years of stakeouts, investigation, and surveillance, led investigators to seize stacks of cash, crystal Meth, some marijuana, rifles, shot guns, and pistols.

"I think they were pretty well stunned they didn't know what was going on, they didn't have any idea they were fixing to be taken down," said Sumter County Sheriff Pete Smith.

The organization was dismantled when Susan White was stopped for a traffic violation along Highway 19 south of Americus. Inside her car, crystal Meth.

"You got to follow these people you've got to stay in close proximity to them, see what their movements are, where they're going," said Smith.

Carl Blaine and David Lee were then arrested at Lowe's, Blaine with $10,000 in his car. The two are believed to be responsible for distributing more than 80 pounds of crystal Meth in Sumter and Dooley Counties. That led investigators to Lee's Drayton Lane home in Vienna where they found an arsenal.

"We found approximately 15 weapons. As you can see he has ammo for most of the weapons here. Some of the weapons were loaded, there were weapons in close proximity to where the drugs were located," said Dooly County Sheriff Randy Lamberth.

Police believe the two men have been dealing drugs in at least eight counties including Sumter, Dooly, Wilcox, Schley, Crisp, Macon, Muskogee, and Lee Counties.

"They're out there selling it they're out there making it, we've got to do everything we can to curtail the flow of it. This amount of money tells you how much they can make off of it," said Smith.

Investigators know these men weren't working alone and hope to make more arrest to further bust up what they describe as a vehicle for more crime.

Investigators say, it's drug rings like this one that perpetuate other crime, because people will rob and burglarize others to continue to feed their drug habit.

Susan White is charged with possession of Methamphetamine. David Lee and Carl Blaine are charged with possession with intent to distribute. All three are in the Sumter County Jail. Authorities plan to pursue federal charges against them.

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