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Legislature kills grocery tax idea

By Jay Polk - bio | email

LEE COUNTY, GA (WALB) - Georgians will not have to pay state sales tax on groceries after a proposal in the Legislature died in a committee in the State House.

The proposal by State Representative Chuck Sims, a Republican from Ambrose, would have reinstated the 4 per cent sales tax on groceries.

Supporters claimed that it would have raised more than $250 million at a time when the state budget is suffering. Opponents argued that the sales tax on groceries would amount to a tax on all Georgians at a time when people are suffering.

"It's hard enough to buy groceries as it is. And when they up the sales tax, you know, on people like us. It's really a struggle," said Richard Davis of Leesburg.

Part of the proposal would have allowed Georgians to claim a credit on their state income tax. The state sales tax was repealed in 1996, but some local governments do still apply a tax on groceries.


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