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Valdosta sees decline in traffic accidents

By Robin Jedlicka - bio | email

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Valdosta is steadily growing in area and population.  Yet, the heavier traffic on Valdosta's streets hasn't led to an increase in wrecks.  In fact, they're on the decrease.

Von Shipman, City Engineer for Valdosta, says, "The number of crashes--of two or more objects on city streets--has declined again, for several years in a row now."

This year's traffic numbers reveal that Valdosta encountered the same amount of automobile accidents as they did back in 1993.  Since then, the population of the city alone has grown by over 13,000.

This past year's annual traffic accident total was just nineteen-hundred.  This is not only surprising because of the population, but because so many non-residents travel to Valdosta for numerous reasons.

"We have name brand stores and a lot of recreation facilities.  People come to Valdosta from fourteen to sixteen counties around us," says Shipman. 

So, why are automobile wrecks on the decline?  Engineers say it's a combination of police effectively enforcing driving laws, new road improvements, and the city's initiative to educate students on road safety.

Valdosta's city council recently endorsed a variety of road improvement projects.  These include numerous intersection and widening projects, along with additional bicycle lanes and sidewalks.

The city hopes these changes will keep accidents on that steady decline.


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