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Kentucky woman murdered in Lowndes County

November 4, 2002

Lake Park - Employees at the Lake Park Best Western made a shocking discovery Friday afternoon.

"We got a phone call from the Best Western saying there was a car parked behind the hotel with a woman inside that appeared to be dead," said Captain David Arnold, Lowndes County Sheriff's Department.

Investigators have identified the woman as 47-year-old Joy Morris of Madisonville, Kentucky. They're unsure of the exact cause of death but say she appeared to be strangled.

A housekeeper found the mustang parked in a wooded area behind the hotel. But, investigators say she wasn't a registered guest here and aren't exactly sure what she was doing in the area.

"We do know that she and her husband ran an escort service for large trucks, and she was traveling back to Madisonville from Miami," said Arnold. "But we aren't sure how she ended up on that exit near that hotel."

Investigators say there's no apparent motive or suspects in the case. None of Morris's belongings were taken and all her clothes were in tact, so robbery and rape seem to be out of the question.

"We're processing the car and have found some evidence that may help," said Arnold. "We're going to start questioning people who worked and stayed at the hotel and see where that leads us."

Investigators say a murder case like this with no motive is rare in Lowndes County and has left them puzzled. But they'll work non-stop until Morris' killer is found.

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