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Double the fun at Bainbridge

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By Joey Donia - bio | email

Bainbridge, GA (WALB) -

Most schools would love to have one basketball team still practicing right now. The Bearcats have two. The boys and girls are both gearing up for the final four Wednesday and Bearcat fever is spreading like wildfire."

Senior Zaikia Dawson said "It's crazy it's real fun it's like a blessing. You don't get that too often both teams going to the final four you don't get that too often."

Senior Melzie Johnson said "Everybody's spirit is high they're rooting for us they're wishing we'll win and hoping we'll play good."

Lady Bearcat head coach Latreisha Moon said "This is my first time ever going and this is the girls first time ever going too, and the girls are peaking right now every game we're just playing better and better, that's why it's exciting for me."

 James Lodman said "It feels good because everyone is congratulating us on going to the final four and they're supporting us and stuff and hoping that we win."

Bearcat head coach Rickey McCullough said "When they see the girls win and they're pulling for them I think it gives them some incentive especially the boys to go out there and do their best and I think they feed off eachother I really do."

Alexis Burke said "We're one everybody plays together no one gets the big head and trys to take over the game everybody makes the extra pass and everyone works as a team we're a great team. "

The Bainbridge girls are making their first trip to the final four since 1996. The boys are making their first trip since 1974.

Both teams will play on Wednesday at the Gwinnett Center in Duluth. The Lady Bearcats will play Southwest DeKalb at 4:00. The boys will face Tucker at 5:30.