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Elaborate marijuana grow-house gets busted

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By Robin Jedlicka - bio | email

NAYLOR, GA (WALB) - The Lanier County Sheriff's Office busted one of the biggest indoor marijuana operations the county has ever seen.

Drug agents found a sophisticated grow-room concealed behind a trap door in a shed behind 33-year-old Jason Farunm's house.  Plants were also found inside his bedroom closet.

In all, they confiscated more than 40 pounds of marijuana.

"He had it set on timers. He was monitoring it from inside his house," says Sergeant Ed Yarbrough.  "The water and the nutrition--everything was hooked up to one big bowl, where it was being fed regularly. He had it blackened out to where you could barely see any lights come in except for the very top, and that was just through the cracks. So, he definitely spent some time and effort in doing this."

Along with the plants, deputies also confiscated scales, baggies, pipes, bongs, and canibus seeds from all over the world.


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