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Super speeders would pay super fines

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) - We've all done it. Gone over the speed limit. "Speeding is one of the biggest problems in our area right now," said Lt. Tom Jackson with the Dougherty County Police. But if Governor Sonny Perdue gets his way, it will cost you more if you get caught.

The Super Speeders bill would tack on an additional $200 on drivers who top 85 miles per hour on four-lane roads and interstate highways, and those who top 75 miles per hour on two-lane roads.

"The majority of the cases that we make are speeding and at least a third of them are super speeders. They just don't learn and maybe these fines will actually make them slow down," said Jackson.

384 Georgians were killed in speed related accidents in 2007. That is more than one death a day. Lt. Jackson leads the Dougherty County's HEAT Unit and said though we do not have a major interstate, it hasn't kept drivers from speeding down inter-county roads.

"People get in those areas, and they are unimproved roads that don't have shoulders. And if you go off the road, you are more likely to be injured," said Jackson. Many who oppose the super speeder bill call it an extra tax, but Lt. Jackson said it is the exact opposite.

"And actually for the tax payer these people who don't have insurance are seriously injured; sometime the taxpayers have to flip these bills. And this helps the hospital out so they can keep this equipment to help treat people who are seriously injured," said Jackson.

Jackson hopes the bill changes drivers habits. "They need to make a little extra time to help them get where they need to be and plan their trips accordingly," said Jackson.

"No one is more important than anyone else. And killing someone's family member just because you were late to get to an appointment is not a good excuse for that family." And he hopes it makes Georgia roadways safer for all of us.

The estimated $23-million dollars the bill would raise during this fiscal year would go into the state's general fund. But the Governor and supporters have promised that they would steer the revenue toward improving trauma care across Georgia.


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