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Minorities have mixed feelings about candidates

November 3, 2002

Albany- Education, economy, and the war with Iraq are some of the issues minority voters put at the top of their lists when it comes to casting a ballot. So how are this years' midterm candidates doing when it comes to getting their votes?

Some say the candidates are doing a good job, and are even focusing on important issues.  "Especially the economy.  The economy affects everybody not just black and whites, even me," says Chinese American voter Terry Ho.

But others are giving both the Republicans and Democrats a failing grade this year. 

"Too much mudslinging going on.  If they stopped mudslinging and get down to business the people would notice what they're saying," says African American voter John Cross.

 With over a million registered minority voters in the state, their votes could make or break candidates in close races.

In dougherty county, the minorty voters makeup more than half the voting population.

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