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Family recovering from fire vandalized

By Delivrine Registre - bio | email

TIFT COUNTY, GA (WALB) - Martha Watts and her husband Jason came home to a nightmare Friday night. "It's just devastating. You work really hard for the things you have and someone can come in and do this to you," said Watts.

The couple immediately called police after they found their back glass door broken. "There first question was who hates you, do you have any enemies because nothing appears to be missing. Just everything has been destroyed," said Watts.

Vandals slashed every sofa cushion and pillow in the home. They also stabbed every mattress several times, including the ones in their daughters bedrooms. "I just cried especially when I saw what they did to my children's rooms. It is one thing if I was targeted, but to target your children," said Watts.

They destroyed televisions, computers, and printers. They hammered into walls and furniture, but what hurt Martha the most was the damage done to family photos.

"Just seeing my babies pictures where the glass has cut the pictures. Pictures we can't even replace from other family members that have been destroyed. There are just no words for it," said Watts. 

Adding insult to injury, almost everything in the home had recently been replaced because of a kitchen fire in August. "This couch had maybe three or four payments made on it. The TVs, everything is brand new," said Martha's mother, Rhonda Woodruff.

Though police processed the scene, they were not able to lift fingerprints. And they don't have much, and the family now needs your help. "Maybe somebody has been out there bragging that may give a clue," said Watts.

But through all of the challenges, the family remains strong. "I was with them yesterday, and they were both riding in the front seat holding hands as they were riding down the road. Everything just brings them closer together," said Woodruff.

Because despite all of the destruction they still have each other. If you have any information about this case, or saw anything unusual around the 100 block of River Bend Lane Friday evening, call the Tift County Sheriff's office at 229-388-6020.


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